Why do policemen cause fear even in those who haven’t committed anything?


What emotions and feelings does a photo of an officer evoke in you? Fear? Disgust? Or, maybe, a sense of security?

When I was little, it was the latter that always arose in me when I saw a policeman. Like many of my acquaintances who wanted to become super-heroes in uniform to protect people, I took this path without hesitation.

Having graduated from the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the main part of the following two years of my daily work as a criminal investigator was asking questions. And now I want to ask some questions to all current and former officers of the internal affairs authorities.

How is the sacred motto “Serving the Law, People, Motherhood” now carried out? How does this credo correspond to what has been happening before, during, and after the presidential election? Why is an officer forced to come against his own people even though he understands everything that is happening in the country and wants to refuse to arrest people? However, he is warned of criminal liability for treason to the state with the risk of imprisonment from seven to fifteen years (Article 356 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus). The system just follows the principle of the UNITY OF COMMAND. One fool gives an order and the rest should obey without asking questions.

I quitted the job 3 years ago thanks to our state and its system that turned an honest will of a young man (and hundreds of others) to “serve and protect” into the will of staying away from all the shit going on in the rooms of the police stations and cabins of minivans and prison trucks. It is not my job anymore to ask questions. Now I WANT to ask them.

Why has our economy been stagnating for the past 25 years and Belarus finds itself in debts? Why is the population rapidly decreasing and people are constantly emigrating looking for a decent life? Why is IT the only sphere where I can work to have a worthy life? Why do policemen cause fear even in those who haven’t committed anything? Why does the President insult his people and puts the blame on civil servants, managers, whoever but him? How many other people who dare speak out and change something will be imprisoned? I have lots of questions. I want answers. We want them. I haven’t voted for Lukashenko. I am 97%. I love Belarus and its people. And I want honest elections and changes.



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