Who pays for celebrations?

We managed to count the price for Lukashenko’s rallies organization in cities.

The rally’s organization in general

Head of The Main Department for Ideological Work and Youth Affairs, Ekaterina Muzychenko said the entire regional executive committee was involved in the organization for Mogilev’s rally on August 18.

The buses

Do you remember how everyone was impressed by the columns of buses (correspondents counted more than 50) with thousands of people from all over the region to Gomel coming to the Lukashenko’s rally on August 18? On August 16, the same columns went to Minsk.

The trains

People were brought to the rally for Lukashenko in Minsk by trains too. For example, the train from Brest consisted of more than 15 carriages. Some of those trains were not even on schedule.

The helicopter

The stage and equipment

Renting a stage and sound equipment also costs money. It is necessary to take into account the cars with sound amplifiers used in Mogilev.

The bonuses for participants

Our customers informed us that for participation in the rally (at least in Minsk on August 16 on Independence Square) there were bonuses offered: 30–100 rubles ($12–39 approximately) and days off. We want to remind that according to the Police about 65 thousand people took part in it and according to alternative data — no more than 30 thousand.



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