“We will change the country for the better”: the story of Eduard Babaryka, who headed his father’s headquarters and ended up in jail.

Three weeks ago presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka and his son Eduard were detained. Since then they have been in the KGB pre-trial detention center, they have been charged, but no one knows under what article — this is “the secret of the investigation”.

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2 min readJul 12, 2020


Eduard Babaryka with Alexandra Zvereva

The investigation didn’t disclose what charges had been filed against Viktor Babariko and his son, and non-disclosure subscriptions were taken from lawyers. In a such situation, it is difficult to provide protection, especially if there are some echoes of the case in the media. It turns out that, on the one hand, there is informational stuffing, on the other hand, lawyers cannot comment on anything, because they are under subscription. This is a difficult situation from a legal point of view, says lawyer Maxim Znak.

According to the KGC, Viktar Babaryka was allegedly the “head of illegal activities”, as a result of which over $ 430 million were withdrawn from Belgazprombank accounts. The situation is even more weird with Babariko’s son Eduard, who supported his father in the election race and headed his initiative group. He did not work at Belgazprombank, but he was also charged. And it is also officially a “secret of investigation”.

Alexandra Zvereva, Eduard Babaryka’s girlfriend, posted on her Facebook page: the young man is accused of tax evasion. He was the head of the crowdfunding platforms Ulej and MolaMola.

MolaMola is a fundraising platform launched using the Ulej.by crowdfunding platform, which financial and technological partner is Belgazprombank, that has been headed by Victor Babariko for 20 years. All these years, Eduard and his father tried to do everything so that something new and significant appeared in Belarus. They wanted to change the country for the better. That is why the bank returned paintings to its homeland, financed the Theatre festival and organized an autumn salon.

Why was tax evasion discovered only these days, when Eduard’s father began to run for president? This question remains without the answer. Eduard’s probably detained because he is his father’s son.

According to Alexandra’s words, she and Eduard spoke on Wednesday evening, just before the arrest, and she asked the question: “Edik, if you are detained, what will be the plan of action? How can I help you?” Edik replied: “You must understand that I am not running for president. I am completely clean under the law, I did not conduct any operational activities in the companies that appear in the investigation, so it’s even hard to come up with something here. If they detain me, it will be the height of cynicism.”

On Thursday morning he was detained.



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