Top 12 absurd statements by Lukashenko about the events in Belarus.

Saved Tsikhanouskaya’s life

On October 9, Lukashenko said he had saved Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s life because the opposition allegedly wanted to kill her, and put the blame on the Lukashenko’s regime. He claimed that Tsikhanouskaya herself asked Lukashenko to take her abroad.

“We understood there could be trouble. And I gave the order: at her request, we took her, the guards and the people close to her to Lithuania to her children. And when she said she had no money to live there, I gave her $ 15k from the state budget. “Thank you very much,” she cried on my shoulder. We took her out” he said.

Reported attacks on riot police

On August 15, at a meeting of the Security Council, Lukashenko said that the organizers of the protests in Belarus are external forces, and in the forefront are criminals who attack riot police from the back:

“Do you think riot police officers need all this? They had a stable routine, they trained and they lived in the barracks… But they came out to protect them [the protesters], and they [the protesters] had [attacked] them [police officers] from the back. With knives, sharpeners… It’s all done on purpose! ”

Yet, so far the authorities have not reported any attacks on security officers with knives and sharpeners.

Tried to scare people by NATO soldiers

Lukashenko began talking about the NATO threat immediately after the mass protests had begun in Belarus. At a pro-government rally on August 16, he even said that his opponents had wanted to bring NATO soldiers to Belarus, and for some reason he referred to representatives of other races.

“We are being offered a new government. We are offered NATO soldiers — black, yellow and white. “

Talked about Polish flags in Grodno

In August, Lukashenko claimed that Polish flags had been put everywhere in the Grodno region, and that Warsaw had already announced its intention to seize the western regions of Belarus. However, no one but Lukashenka has heard such statements or seen these flags.

“Of course, we will never put up with the fact that Polish flags are hung out on balconies in Grodno. It is already openly stated [by Poland] that with the collapse of Belarus, the Grodno region would be taken by Poland,” Lukashenka said.

Noticed only 20 dissatisfied workers

In the first week after the election, when unrest broke out in large factories, Lukashenko said that only 20 people were dissatisfied:

“As I was told, there was only one example [of strikes] at MWTF (Minsk Wheel Tractor Factory) or MTF (Minsk Tractor Factory): 20 people decided to express their opinion, stopped working and left. The head of production says: well okay, go guys, I have enough people, all your salary will be given to other people. So they [the allegedly 20 dissatisfied people] turned around and went back to work. “

Lukashenka’s words offended and angered people. On the same day, MTF workers stopped their work and marched to the Administration office with a banner stating “Not sheep, not cattle, not “little people” [all titles Lukashenko had previously called his own nation]. We are MTF employees. We are not 20 people, but 16,000.”

Complained that he was being watched from space

In an interview by Russian journalists, Lukashenko explained that during a protest rally on August 23, he had dispersed all demonstrators near the Independence Palace by flying his helicopter. And the Americans at the same time had been watching him from space and transmitted signals:

“I get on a helicopter, but they, the Americans, they are bastards, they see everything from space, and so they sent a signal to their center near Warsaw that the presidential helicopter has taken off. And as soon as the presidential helicopter took off, and it’s literally, like a 1.5 km away, I think — they [the protesters] ran. They began to disperse. “

Said that he was clearing a part of Minsk on Sundays so that people could walk

On September 14, at a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Lukashenko tried to pretend that he was not at all worried about the protests in Belarus:

“I look at it with a smile. We have a march of women and girls on Saturdays, and a general march on Sundays. On all other days, the country lives a normal life. And even on Saturdays and Sundays. We are clearing a part of Minsk so that people can walk if they want to. ”

Called Coordination Council a “Black Hundred”

Lukashenko reacted very nervously to the creation of the Coordination Council, saying it consisted of “united Nazis” and “former supporters”. For some reason, Lukashenko compared the Council to the “Black Hundred”, right-wing radical anti-Semitic organizations in pre-revolutionary Russia, which aimed to defend the autocracy and Orthodoxy. Lukashenko did not explain what common features he had found between the “Black Hundred” members and the Coordination Council.

“I have already talked about it: the so-called “black hundred” has been created for the reception and transfer of power. The so-called opposition staff. Surprisingly, they are already lining up there, and distributing briefcases [implying high-ranking jobs]. I want to say: dear “black hundred” members, there are not as many briefcases [i.e. high-ranking jobs] in the country for all the people in your queue. But brooms and shovels we have. That we can provide. “

Explained the disappearance of Kolesnikova in a very contradicting manner

After the abduction of Maria Kolesnikova and a failed attempt to deport her, Lukashenko became confused about what had happened. According to him, Kolesnikova wanted to go to Ukraine to her sister legally and on her own initiative. And she even passed the border control, but then for some reason she was stopped and thrown out of the car.

“She and her two — I don’t know if they were friends, or drivers, if they were close or not — they fled to Ukraine today. They arranged all their documents in advance. They presented a passport at our border post. Customs officers and border guards let them through. Next was the section between Belarus state border and the border post of Ukrainians. But between these posts there are like 8–9 km, that’s probably why they went there. And there, we have reinforcement on this border, we reinforced it. The border is heavily guarded. Naturally, they were stopped. As they were in their car — [they accelerated] on gas. She was, as it seems, thrown out of the car — like, on the go. “

Why was Kolesnikova the following day in a pre-trial detention center in Minsk as a defendant in a criminal case under Art. 361 (“calls for action aimed at harming national security”), Lukashenko did not explain.

Promised to deal with the protests in the coming days

In the second half of August, Lukashenko repeatedly promised to stop the protests very soon. For example, on August 21, during a visit to the Dzerzhinsky agro-industrial complex, Lukashenko said the following about the protests:

“Don’t worry, it is my problem that I have to solve and we are solving it. And, believe me, we will solve it in the coming days. “

However, he was not able to solve this problem, the protests have not stopped yet. Every Sunday, between 100k and 200k people in Minsk go to mass events to demonstrate their disagreement with the current regime.

Said that the US have been preparing a plan to destroy Belarus for 10 years

In September, as the protests continued, Lukashenko proposed a new concept: there were allegedly about seven stages in the destruction plan of Belarus. And the protests in August were only the 5–6th stage. According to Lukashenko, external aggressors have been preparing this plan for 10 years.

“To take off all the masks at once, let’s name these players by name. At the level of global centers, it is primarily the United States, more specifically — their network of local centers to support the so-called democracy. On the European continent, American satellites were active: Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and, unfortunately, our Ukraine”.

Released a conversation between Nick and Mike talks about “a hard nut”

In September, during a meeting with Mikhail Mishustin, Russian Prime Minister, Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarusian intelligence service had allegedly intercepted a conversation between Warsaw and Berlin, which proved that Alexei Navalny had not been poisoned.

“Yesterday or the day before, I don’t remember exactly, before Merkel’s speech we intercepted the conversation. We understand that Warsaw is talking to Berlin. [This was] Intercepted by our electronic military intelligence. Because there are open parts, and we, of course, are in the radio sphere of confrontation with NATO. And we intercepted an interesting conversation, which (I’ll let you read it, we will analyse it and send to the FSB) clearly says that this is a falsification. There had been no poisoning of Navalny. “

In a recording released Sept. 4th, two unknown individuals (Nick and Mike) speak English [video was released dubbed in Russian]. It is not explained who these people are. Allegedly, the purpose of the story with Navalny’s poisoning is to repel “Putin’s desire to stick his nose into the affairs of Belarus.” The two unknown in this conversation refer to Lukashenko as a “hard nut” [a reference to Die Hard, a movie with Bruce Willis, title of which was translated into Russian as “Hard Nut”. They go on to say that “officials and the military are loyal to the president.”

Stories of people hoping for a democratic Belarus. Created, translated and moderated by a collective of independent authors.

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Voices from Belarus

Voices from Belarus

Stories of people hoping for a democratic Belarus. Created, translated and moderated by a collective of independent authors.

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