“They were trying to gouge out my eyes”: a horrifying story of how the enforcers were torturing a 16- year-old boy from Minsk.

Source: https://kyky.org/news/vykalyvali-glaza-kak-siloviki-pytali-16-letnego-podrostka-iz-minska-absolyutno-uzhasayuschaya-istoriya

This story of the torture of a teenager is appalling in its cruelty. It’s worth a warning right away: if descriptions of violence are unacceptable for you, please do not read this text. But if you are capable to bear it, please, share this information. This story has to be given to maximum publicity to make sure that the perpetrators will get punished.

Right now a 16-year-old boy is in the intensive care unit in one of the Minsk hospitals, his name is Timur. He got there from the Partizanskiy police department on August, 13. On August,12, he was detained in the area of Kamennaya Gorka (a district in Minsk). Medics have brought him out of a medically induced coma.

Timur was brutally tortured during his arrest, and after that in a paddy wagon. At the moment, his diagnosis looks like this:

- a cranial injury;

- a cerebral concussion;

- an open fracture of a zygomatic-orbital complex;

- hemosinusitis of the right maxillary sinus;

- convulsive syndrome;

- periorbital hematoma;

- multiple bruises of soft tissues and limbs;

- traumatic erosion of the cornea of both eyes;

According to TUT.by Timur’s mother said that she had managed to talk to her son. The word “police” leads him to a panic attack: they were trying to gouge out his eyes with a stick. According to Artem, Timur’s brother, they struck his heels with an electric shocker. The enforcers ordered him to sing the anthem to them, when he refused, they tilted his head back and thrust the stick down his throat. The teenager thinks that he is still lucky, because to the man next to him enforcers thrust the stick into his rectum. Timur was also kicked hard in the crotch.

Timur is conscious now. He shared that after the torture enforcers wanted to throw him into the basement, but someone said that this would be on their conscience. After that, they called an ambulance. According to medics, Timur is on the mend. In the meantime, Timur’s family is going to appeal to the prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee to bring the perpetrators to justice.



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