Summary of what the country has become over 26 years of Lukashenko’s rule.

Checkmate, dear economists.

During Lukashenko’s time in office, the national debt has increased by 64.4(!) times, while GDP growth in USD has increased only by 4.8 times.

Suppose these numbers say nothing. How about the following indicators: Belarus lags behind the EU countries by about 6 times in terms of productivity of labour. Official numbers show that Belarusian enterprises are only 16% as efficient as those in the EU countries, and 44% as efficient as those in Central and Eastern European countries. And this in the context of the total control of the labour market, and the endless fight against “parasites” (Lukashenko’s jargon for the unemployed people — note of voicesfrombelarus).

In summary, the situation is as follows: those businesses that work at a loss are kept, and those who are able to earn and feed the economy are strangled.

To understand why the IT sector has blossomed in Belarus, we need to return to the first part of this post: it was not interfered into until recently. However, it is also worth noting that the Belarusian economy is not particularly relieved by these earnings, guess why? That’s right, because the IT sector enjoys a special tax regime.



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