Several people were demonstratively fired from MAZ (Minsk Automobile Plant) in order to suppress protests.

“My name is Semyon Fedotov, and I worked at MAZ: me and eight other comrades were demonstratively fired from the plant in order to suspend the protest.”⠀

Semyon was fired under Art. 53 of the Labor Code (did not fulfill his duties in good faith). But Semyon does not regret. On the contrary, he urges the workers not to give up.⠀
“I ask all strikers not to succumb to fear. During this time, we managed to stall the conveyor - now there are dozens of unassembled machines, and the management persuades people to work on weekends and overtime, yet nobody agrees.I imagine how this plant will work in a week with laughter - the dismissal of nine employees already makes the conveyor barely move.⠀

Mass layoffs, which will occur in a week, and the plant’s bad reputation will simply force MAZ to mothball.



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