Alexandra Zvereva compared Lukashenka to an abusive husband.

A little story.

Voices from Belarus
3 min readAug 28, 2020

Imagine you just got married.

You are exalted, you’ve made your choice, your husband is the only person you need in this world. You spend your honeymoon in a place where it is nice and warm. In the blink of an eye, you are choosing a baby carriage and deciding where to settle.
And then it turns sour.

You always knew he was going through your messages. However, now he doesn’t even let you go out without him, let alone see your friends, or, god forbid, flirt with someone.

Sometimes, he drinks one too many. You believe he’ll change, but the drinking only intensifies, and you notice how he clenches his fists when you try to talk to him about it. You are not allowed to have an opinion anymore. He yells every time you express one, sometimes even throws something. Soon after, you are not allowed to leave the house, and accidentally you notice strange bruising on your lovely 5-year-old son.

When you confront him about it, it gets messy — the yells, the broken glass, you name it. Suddenly, he frowns, approaches you, and then it gets dark...
The next day, you are wearing oversized sunglasses while doing your best to forget that your husband has beaten you. But the story repeats again and again.

"I love you,"- he says.

Nevertheless, you’re fed up, and you try to leave. He says you won’t survive without him. He insists.

"I love you,"- he says, "and I won’t let anyone take my beloved one away from me."

I am sure you’ve heard similar stories. You know how they go.

Now imagine that happened to a whole country.

Alexander Lukashenka has ruled Belarus for the last 26 years. He has rigged every election in his favor. He arrested those who dared to speak up, exiled and obliterated those who dared to run against him.

When Alexander Lukashenka was challenged by and lost to Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya at the election this August, he once again falsified the vote count and brutally cracked down on the subsequent protests.
The police have murdered at least two people, hundreds got injured, and more than seven thousand detained.
Lukashenka’s praetorians employed rubber bullets, stun grenades, and water cannons to disperse peaceful protesters.

They targeted journalists, used ambulances to ambush the demonstrators, and forbidden doctors to help injured protesters. Moreover, they tortured thousands of those arrested in detention camps, throwing sixty people into a cell meant for ten, raping women, and mutilating men.

All of this is happening in Belarus right now.

These atrocities are our bloody divorce.
Thus, I call on you and the international community to help.

Anything helps.

Donate to BY SOL and other initiatives to support the people wounded by the police, workers striking against Lukashenka and the violence inflicted by him.

Please lobby your government to denounce Lukashenka and strip him of any international legitimacy. Or tell a friend, that is already a lot.

Please help us end this dysfunctional relationship and take our abusive husband to the Hague.

By Alexandra Zvereva.



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