“Golos” final report: elections are invalid.

Tikhanovskaya’s voices are stolen.

Elections are invalid!

Final protocols have been received and processed from 1310 out of a total of 5767 polling stations across Belarus. Falsifications were found at at least 30% of the polling stations. So that’s why the elections cannot be recognized as legal. The demands of the Belarusians to hold new fair elections are absolutely justified.

Tikhanovskaya’s voices are stolen!

There are many mismatches. But the differences in Minsk are especially shocking. According to the Central Election Commission (CEC), 126,861 people voted for Tikhanovskaya at 731 polling stations of the capital. The platforms have protocols from 432 Minsk stations at their disposal. The total of the votes for Tikhanovskaya already exceeds the final official data from the CEC. It means that really more people voted for Svetlana in Minsk than the CEC announced.

Lukashenko is an illegitimate president

According to the protocols available from polling stations,

Lukashenko’s result cannot exceed 61.7%.

Of course, it’s impossible even to mention 80.1% from the CEC. But even this indicator is possible only in case of honest protocols and no falsifications at any of the 1310 polling stations. But they still were found at least at every third one.

Map of falsifications is published on the platform “Golos”.


You can see with your own eyes where and how voters were deceived. There are also photographs of the protocols that were used to carry out the analysis. Photos of bulletins are in the loading process. It’s being done to make everything transparent and honest.

What’s next?

The final report is one of the lawsuit components, which will be sent to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus by the Coordination Council’s lawyers. It’s necessary to defend the right of the Belarusian people to hold new and fair elections.



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