Famous designer Vladimir Cesler left from Belarus after his post on social networks.

The well-known designer Vladimir Cesler left from Belarus on August, 21. The reason was his post on social networks with swastika (as a comparison of the actions of the current government with the brutal actions of the fascist regime). Blogger Eugene Lipkovich asserts that the authorities highly recommended that Cesler leave the country. But in his talk with TUT.BY, Vladimir commented on his departure differently.

“Let’s say that the decision was made by some friends of mine, — explained Vladimir Cesler. — After publishing my post with swastika, I was told that I had to wait it out for a while. I didn’t get concrete threats from concrete people, but I was asked:

“Do you want to be rolled into asphalt?”

And my friends offered me their help, and, it can be said, they moved me here. I’m safe now. For sure, I’ll continue to work for Belarus. And I hope that I’ll be home soon”.

Cesler remains a part of the Coordination Council for the transfer of power to the new President of Belarus — Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.



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