Elections time. Local government work process in details.

Ideologist of the Regional Executive Committee disclosed the local government work process during the elections.

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3 min readSep 14, 2020

Deputy Head of the Department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs of the Regional Executive Committee in Glubokoye, 28-year-old Marina Sokolovskaya (her name is still on the official committee website) quit her job. She was mainly engaged in festivals’ preparation.

According to Marina “interesting things” began at the stage of collecting signatures for the nomination of candidates. There was a real freakout in the Regional Executive Committee. They summoned meetings all the time telling to be more active to collect as many signatures as possible. There were people, not members of Alexander Lukashenko’s initiative group who were forced to walk around labor collectives, including cultural institutions and collect signatures for him. Some of them were blackmailed by dismissal or non-renewal of the contract.

On the 24th of July rally of presidential candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya took place. It gathered a thousand people in the 18-thousandth town. Local ideologists decided to cover this fact and began to register on social media platforms, write comments about the few people who came to the rally. They said that even people who came were just visitors from other cities.

Marina was also asked to write similar comments but she refused to. The newspaper “Vesnik Hlybochchyny” reported that the rally gathered about 300 people.

During August 8th, the last day of early voting, the ideologist was at home but she was still disturbed and asked to remove an independent observer although he was not bothering anyone. Marina was told: “We are not talking about whether he interferes with the work of the commission or not. Just get him out of there”. Marina replied she would not “remove’’ anyone from anywhere. Final protocols were not posted at many polling stations in the Glubokoye District. And many independent observers were kept out by all means. Later Marina was informed that she should be at work on August 9 and the duty was to dislike, comment negatively, complain about the film from NEXTA YouTube channel. A report on the work done must be submitted. And everyone got down to “work”. The former ideologist refused to carry out such a stupid assignment.

Marina Sokolovskaya submitted her resignation on August 10th, the day after the elections. The bosses sent her on vacation for 10 days hoping that the young specialist will “change her mind.” But Marina could not “change her mind” and left.

Marina advised that she resigned at the behest of her own conscience and wouldn’t be able to work for the organization deceiving people.

Now she is a housewife who hopes to find a new suitable job in the field of culture.



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