A citizen of Brest passed away in the hospital after being shot by the security forces during the protests.

44 years old Gennady Shutov passed away in the military hospital of Minsk. Victim’s relatives reported it to TUT.BY. He got a deadly gunshot in the head on August 11 near the Moscow administration of Brest during the protests.

The relatives of Gennady have communicated with the witnesses. They stated that Gennady had neither fought nor provoked any conflict, he had just been walking. According to the people whom his relatives talked to, the shot was fired from the roof of the building.

The relatives could not find Gennady Shutov’s location for two days. Later they found out that he had been first taken to the Brest regional hospital and then transferred to the military hospital in Minsk by helicopter. Gennady’s daughter Lyudmila told TUT.BY that her father had a gunshot injury, “the brain damage is severe and extensive, the doctors do not give any prognosis.” Mr. Shutov was transported in an unconscious state with the following diagnosis: «open gunshot wound, crushing brain injury, fracture of the cranial vault».

Gennady Shutov passed away in the hospital on August 19 at 10.20am.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the police had attacked protesters and fired them with firearms in the evening of August 11. According to the police, there was a wounded man. It is unknown whether they meant Gennady Shutov or someone else.

The police clarified that they had shot to kill in order to protect their lives and health from “a group of aggressive citizens with rebar pieces in their hands,” when they hadn’t stopped after the warning shots.

Between August 9 and 11 about 100 people came to the Brest hospitals with soft tissue bruises, arms, legs, chest and abdomen injuries. 23 people were hospitalized, some of them required surgery.

Let us recall that in the evening after the elections and the next day there were mass protests of citizens and clashes with the police in Brest.

Gennady is the third victim who was brutally killed during the peaceful protests after the presidential elections in Belarus which took place on August 9, 2020.




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